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The Prince of Wales Alumni Association-Georgia Branch was founded in 2003 by a cohort of former Students of the Prince of Wales Secondary School residing in the United States who not only saw the need for substantial financial, material and infra-structural support to their alma mater but also were prepared to make the necessary sacrifices destined to improve the quality of teaching and learning at the Prince of Wales School in Sierra Leone.


Their patriotic zeal coupled with their conviction that they could make a difference in improving the human condition as well as positively influence posterity gave birth to the Prince Of Wales Alumni Association - Georgia Branch, U.S.A.


Prince of Wales School was inaugurated by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, on April 6, 1925. It is one of Sierra Leone's top schools.

The Prince of Wales School was formally established in Freetown, Republic of Sierra Leone on April 6, 1925, with a purposeful insistence on fostering science education, and studies in modern languages.


The school marked a turning point in secondary education in Sierra Leone, as its inception ushered the period in which the Sierra Leone government actively sought to control wasteful multiplication, religious bigotry, and denominational rivalry in secondary school.

Since its inauguration, the Prince of Wales School has demonstrated, with consistency, an affinity for Excellence in Education by relentlessly providing a model for a Balanced and High Quality Education at the secondary level in Sierra Leone. Its graduates have also occupied prominent positions of trust, altruism, and responsibility in Sierra Leone as well as in the international community.

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