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Rain Harvesting ​



This project will harvest rain from the new Assembly Hall Roof for storage in water tanks at ground level and also on elevated structures.  This project will allow for rain harvesting significant quantities of water for non-consumptive uses including bathroom and toilet facilities.  The project will include the use of solar powered pump for pumping water from ground level tank to overhead tanks that feeds the toilets and bathrooms by gravity


Twining of POW school with a US Based school

A mutual understanding to create a Twinning Relationship between an International Baccalaureate School in Augusta, Georgia and the Prince of Wales School in Kingtom, Freetown, Sierra Leone has been agreed to.  This program will allow for exchange of curricula virtually between the schools and for future exchange visits between students and teachers of both schools.  This project is in the initial phases of development and is to be completed shortly.


Solar Lights Project

This project was completed in January 2021 and involved the installation of twenty (20) LED Solar Flood Lights at various locations around the school.  The Prince of Wales School is the first school in Freetown that has street light powered by solar energy.  Each LED light is 40 Watts and the poles are seven (7) meters high.  This project was funded by the Prince of Wales Alumni Association (POWAA), Georgia Chapter. Total project cost is $14,000.


Science Lab Roof




This project replaced the existing Science Block Roof with a new roof.  The previous roof was leaking which caused structural failures on the concrete and Steel reinforcement below the roof.  This project had to be completed before another project to resupply the laboratories with new equipment was implemented. See gallery for image.


Fundraising and Grants

A Fundraising and Grants Committee is developing a project that will research into grants, identifying or hiring grant writers, and planning activities such as challenge campaigns, house parties for fundraising, door to door solicitations, sports tournaments etc.

Solar Battery Replacement African Virtual School

This project will include the replacement of ten (10) solar batteries and the purchase of new Laptop Computers for the Computer Laboratory.  In addition to these items, a Software Program will be implemented for use by students to practice for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and West African Senior School Certification Examination (WASSCE).  This Software developed by a Princewalean in the UK is called the African Virtual School.  Software, hardware including Servers will be procured and installed at the POW Computer Laboratory as part of the services that will be included in the scope of work for this project



Solar Training for Students

The Technical Institute Renewable Energy Centre in Kissy is well recognized in West Africa for training in renewable energy including Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Hydro power technologies.  With the current push for developing capacity for renewable energy in Sierra Leone, the Institute was contracted to train twenty (20)  students who had graduated  from Senior Secondary School (SSS) .  These students who may decide not to attend college were offered the opportunity to train in solar power design and installation.  These students represents “blue collar” workers for supporting Sierra Leone’s growing economy.  Based on its success and availability of funding, a proposal will be developed to target funding for up to ten (10) students per year in future years.  This project also capitalized on the existing Solar Power System that has been operating at the POW School since 2008. See gallery below for images.


Science and Mathematics Project

The Science and Mathematics project approach is to design and implement  quality student-centered Mathematics and Science based curricula packages. The project aims to create a well-resourced quality curriculum package at the POW School that is student-centered, for general mathematics and most of the science subjects studied at the senior secondary school level of the school, such as-Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Agricultural Science.  The resources developed will be uploaded into a Learning Management System(LMS) for easy access and efficacy.  In addition, a School Management System (SMS) will be utilized in effecting meaningful monitoring support and challenge by the Board of Governors (BOG), leadership structures and teachers at the school

This project is expected to start in February 2021.  The pre implementation phase will last for a year and the actual program will start in September 2021 with the aim of equipping students for subject mastery and preparing them for the West African Secondary School Certificate of Education (WASSCE)  Exams from the 2021/22 School Year.

Total project cost is $66,000. See gallery for detailed pdf.


Science and Mathematics Doc
Solar Lights Project
Science Lab Roof
Solar Training for Students
Solar Training for Students
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