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Solar Powered Computer Center

April 04, 2017

Project No.1 – Solar Powered Computer Laboratory

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A 2 KW Solar System was installed in 2008 to power the Computer Laboratory containing fourteen Laptop Computers.  The Solar System includes fourteen (14) 165 Watt Suntech Solar Panels, ten (10) GEL DEKA Batteries and a 2 KW Outback Inverter.  The Solar System has been operating successfully and has been a reliable backup for students and teachers to charge their Cell Phones when there is no power from the National Power Authority




COST:  $70,000


PROJECT IMPACT: The availability of reliable solar power has ensured that Computer Classes go uninterrupted during the school year.  The Solar System at the school has resulted in creating interest amongst students on the benefits of Renewable Energy Technologies to reduce the impacts from fossil derived fuels and its negative impact on climate change.

Link to Solar Commissioning Video

Link to Solar installation article

Financial Support for Teachers and Staff

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In Sierra Leone, the salaries of teachers are meagre and in addition to that, they do not receive them on time.  As a result of inconsistent payment of monthly salaries to the teachers and support staff by the Government of Sierra Leone, the Alumni Association set up a $15,000 Revolving Fund in 2005 that allowed teachers and support staff salaries to be paid in advance of the Government of Sierra Leone providing monthly salaries. This fund has allowed all staff to receive their monthly salaries in a timely manner, thereby providing a strong incentive for the teachers and support staff to give their utmost best in providing teaching and other services to the students.  Starting in 2004 the Alumni Association has made it a priority to give the teachers and support staff a yearly Christmas bonus to show our appreciation for their effort and sacrifices they make on a daily basis. 


 IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: 2005 and ongoing


COST:  $65,000 to date (2016)


PROJECT IMPACT: The consistency in ensuring that Teacher’s Salaries are paid on time has minimized the impact from teacher attrition.  Going forward, the Teacher Bonus Program will be revamped based on a Performance Based approach in order to provide incentives for better performance by teachers.  Teacher’s performance will be directly measured using student performance in BECCE and WASCE examinations.

Refurbishment of Assembly Hall

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Assembly Hall Building is the most recognized building at the Prince of Wales School. It is one of the oldest buildings in the school and is so named because it houses the Assembly Hall. It also currently houses the Senior Secondary School Principal’s office, the staff room, the bursar’s office the library and other facilities. It is a two story colonial structure with a dramatic pitched roof that includes a pair of dormers and was constructed about 90 years ago. 

The building has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance over the years.  Since construction started in March 2015, significant progress has been made on Phase 1 of this project.  Phase 1 includes the refurbishment of the Assembly Hall to include new and enlarged toilets that will allow for rental income to the school from public use of the Assembly Hall. 




COST:  $60,000 to date (2016)


PROJECT IMPACT: We expect that the refurbished Assembly Hall will allow for additional income to the Prince of Wales School from rental of the hall to the public.

Scholarship Project

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Global Alumni of the Prince of Wales Alumni provides various scholarships for deserving students at the Prince of Wales School.  The Georgia Chapter contributes $5,000 annually toward scholarships for students at the Prince of Wales School.  As part of the selection process, students apply and their report cards are reviewed prior to making recommendations for who will be awarded scholarships on an annual basis.




COST:  $20,000 to date (2016)


PROJECT IMPACT: Students who were given scholarships have improved performance in the BECE and WASCE Examinations.  One of our scholarship recipients Mr. Daniel Sahr Bonga was admitted to the prestigious African Leadership Academy in South Africa to attend two years Pre-University Sixth Form.  Mr. Bonga graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Rochester University in the USA in 2014 and is now a Master’s Fellow at the Simon Business School at Rochester University.

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Support

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: On Saturday, November 7, 2015, the World Health Organization declared Sierra Leone  Ebola Free after an 18 month period during which almost 4,000 people were killed in Sierra Leone from the ebola virus disease.  During this deadly period, an Ebola Treatment Center was constructed at the sports field at the Prince of Wales School.  The Alumni Association provided support for fighting the ebola virus disease by donating $6,000 worth of personal protective equipment to the Ministry of Health.  We channeled the funds through Develop Africa, an organization based in Tennessee which is working directly with the Health Authorities in Sierra Leone. 




COST:  $6,000


PROJECT IMPACT: The Prince of Wales School is proud that we did our own small part to eradicate the ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone.

Roof Replacement EU Building

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The EU Building was constructed in 2006.  The initial design was to construct three floors, but due to limited project funding only two floors with multiple classrooms were constructed.  Future plans were to add a third floor.  A temporary corrugated iron roof was installed, which was later severely damaged by strong winds causing leaks into the classrooms below, and also causing significant water damage to the walls and cracking of the supporting beams.  Since this building also housed the Solar Powered Computer Laboratory, it was critical that a permanent roof be constructed over this building.  To address this need, $30,000 was provided by the Alumni Association to fund the design and construction of a permanent roof which was constructed in 2012.




COST:  $30,000


PROJECT IMPACT: The roof replacement allowed for the implementation of the Solar Computer Laboratory project and has prevented the deterioration of the building from water leaks.

Sponsorship of Tutorial Classes

April 04, 2017

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In 2011, and based on feedback from the Principals and teachers at the school, the Alumni Association provided funds to pay teachers to provide extra evening classes including providing food for Students preparing for the BECE exams.

As a school well known for developing professionals in the sciences and engineering, it is critical that the Schools Science Building housing the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories are adequately stocked with equipment and chemicals required by students performing laboratory experiments.  The Alumni Association also provided equipment and chemical supplies for the science laboratories in 2009.




COST:  $5,000


PROJECT IMPACT: Students have shown improved performance in the BECE and ASSCE examinations.

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